You have found my personal website! My name is Scott C. MacCallum, but you can call me scm. My interests are diverse, so there are many topics that I have written about. You may want to jump to the end of this welcome to them, or choose from the topic links. Alternatively, you can do a search at the end of this page.

The topics that I write about are: free culture advocacy, art, autism, ballet, beer, books, tent camping, professional certification, cocktails, coffee, technology conferences, volunteer computing, food, games, hardware, math, technology meetups, movies, music, nature, computer networking, physics, privacy, amateur radio, robots, model rockets, Scotch whiskey, SDF, information security, ethical social media, free software, space, sports, telephony, theater, trains, travel, TV shows, webcasts, and wine.

Positive on topic comments are appreciated. If you have a general one, please leave it at the bottom of this post.



PS Rest assured that I do not advertise, track you, or sell your personal information.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nice minimalist style on this site (and minimal content ;). I wish I could add a comment box without having to install WP or another heavy framework. Do you get many spam comments?

    1. Thank you. I was of the same mind as you but I got use to WordPress and went with it. I have gotten spam but I moderate each comment and prevent it from being displayed.

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